Massage for Mum provides pregnancy and post natal massage treatments by a fully qualified therapist.  A thorough consultation will be carried out to discuss any specific conditions you may have and to ensure you receive the most relaxing, appropriate treatment for you and your baby.

Massage can provide a very beneficial addition to your well-being during and after your pregnancy.  As soon as you feel ready after birth, then we will adapt a treatment to work for you.

Lois is a fully trained massage therapist and has been practicing for over 5 years. You will receive a relaxing massage with the ability to focus on any particular problem areas.  Lois' background in sports massage therapy allows her to combine various techniques including; soft tissue release, post isometric relaxation and myofascial release to help in these specific sites with the tensions, aches and pains due to your changing body. 

Lois will talk through any treatment in advance of the session and answer any queries you may have.